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A new meal title has entered our world and it should please anyone who prepares breakfasts, dinners or suppers. The word is “Brinner” and is the joining of two words – breakfast and dinner. That means a household, if it chooses, can get by with two meals a day. In our household we’re definitely a three mealer so I really don’t know how this new concept of a “Brinner” will play out. Most of the time we each fix our own breakfasts and the betterhalf then goes solo planning and cooking dinner and supper.
My betterhalf is far from being lazy when it comes to kitchen chores. Judging by the high stack of cookbooks in her kitchen cupboard it’s obvious she has a fascination with cooking and does a pretty darn good job.
She is not one who is consistently trying new recipes, although she may add a leftover ingredient or additional seasoning to a dish that has the potential to give her cooking routine a whole new appearance. She is still basically a meat and potatoes gal when it comes to cooking, and I like it that way.
The majority of the time she sticks with her favorite cookbook, The New Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. I question the title of the book since the word “new” is mentioned in that title. She received the book with the red checkerboard cover as a wedding gift back in 1959 and I assume by now has memorized most of the recipes. The tattered pages are splattered with stains from ingredients she has followed over the past 54 years transforming from a novice cook to one who can match a Midwestern gourmet chef and serves very few meals on my plate that I don’t clean up.
Am I dissatisfied over those past 54 years when she has tweaked many of those recipes and repeated, repeated and repeated them? My waistline is my testimony I am completely satisfied and smart enough to know not to criticize a good cook.  
My life’s history shows I’m the kind of guy when I find something I like such as a car model, brand names, or a job, I stick with it. Come to think of it, that philosophy has followed me ever since merging with the betterhalf, who I must emphasize I want her to keep serving those basic meals of potatoes, meat, veggies and homemade desserts.
As I sign off, let me extend to the betterhalf a big “Thank you” for no plans to bring to our table the new modern trend of “Brinners.” That could mean I’d be facing (and leaving on my plate), specialties such as Bacon Jam, Blueberry Compote, waffles stuffed with Thanksgiving dressing and Shakshuka. “Shakshuka” is as bad as it sounds -- it is eggs poached in a Middle Eastern tomato sauce. Ugh!
We’ve been told a vegetarian diet is best for those who wish to be beautiful. Well, it does not seem to have done much for the elephant.
RL Furse  is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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