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Dear Editor:
Teens in our community urgently and immediately need your help. They need families willing to open their hearts to provide a safe and nurturing place they can call home. May is National Foster Care Month, which recognizes foster parents while also asking loving families to embrace a child who cannot be with their caretaker at this time.

You know the importance of children venturing into the world backed by caring parents who will support and steer them down a positive path. Can you imagine how children, who lose that system of support, will face the world? When law enforcement or the courts remove abused, neglected or delinquent children and teens from their homes, they lose the only home they have ever known. No matter the circumstances in that home, removal is traumatic.

When children enter the protective custody of the Department of Health and Human Services, family members are sought out for placement. But, when a family member cannot be found they are placed in foster care. Research shows that children and teens living in a safe and nurturing home feel good about themselves and are better prepared for the future. The challenge for our community is to find citizens willing to step up and mentor and care for a child.

Foster parents are necessary to nurture and support the educational and mental health needs of teens, provide normalcy to life and serve as a role model so they learn the skills to live independently.

In our profession, it is not unusual to hear someone say, “I thought about becoming a foster parent once.” Unfortunately, too many never follow up to learn more about foster parenting. During the observance of National Foster Care Month, now is the time to find out what it takes to become a foster parent. Call Jennifer Buss at 888-537-9727. You may discover that you will gain as much from the experience as you give a child. You have the power to make a difference and change the life of a child or teen forever. Please give this serious consideration. A child’s future may depend on your decision.

Michael G. Puls, administrator
DHHS Northern Service Area
Division of Children and
Family Services

Farr’s vision for Aurora evident PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
We would like to thank the Farr Foundation for the financial assistance on our recent storefront renovation. The vision of the late Alice Farr is manifesting itself in beautiful downtown Aurora. The magnificent courtyard, the hanging flower baskets and all the effort and investment put forth by our downtown merchants in beautifying their storefronts is great!

We would also like to thank all of our friends and neighbors for helping us in various ways make this become a reality for downtown. Without the unselfish assistance and support of our many friends who lent a hand in this effort, we wouldn’t have got it done.

Most importantly, thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been supporting our business through the past 12 years. We are grateful for your relationships and look forward to continuing to be of service.

Wenda and Harry Eckerson
Espressions Coffee Shop

Museum a great school resource PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
This letter is to Megan Sharp, Tina Larson and the numerous volunteers at the Plainsman Museum.

On behalf of the Aurora Middle School 7th grade teachers and students we would like to take time to extend a huge thank you for all of the work you do to put on an outstanding field trip for our students.

Megan and Tina do an outstanding job of making the experience educational and enjoyable with the hands-on activities for our students to enjoy.

Over the last several years we have been amazed at how many of our students have never been to the museum right here in Aurora. In the last year, they have made numerous changes and additions to the exhibits to give it an updated appearance. This is an outstanding resource in our community, and we highly recommend taking some time to stop in and appreciate what we have in Aurora.

Lana Dummer

Working at Manor a rewarding job PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:
I’d like top take the time to thank Hamilton County and surrounding counties for their support of the Hamilton Manor and Rehabilitation Center. It is my home away from home and has been for many years.

I love my co-workers, the residents and their families. The therapy department is first class. The special care unit is my safe haven. The remodeled rooms are beautiful. The facility, as a whole, has given me and my family so much pleasure.

What a rewarding job I’ve been blessed with.

Your continued support is appreciated.

Anna Shaneyfelt

Great example of sportsmanship PDF E-mail

Dear Editor:

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to one of your track coaches who was helping with the Adams Central Junior High track meet yesterday.  Unfortunately, I do not know her name, only that she was helping with the long jump.
My daughter, an Adams Central 8th grader, was competing in long jump. Apparently our coach and the coach for St. Cecelia’s decided to attend another event and leave these two students to “fend for themselves.”
Your very gracious and kind coach spent extra time with our daughter and the St. Cecelia athlete, helping them and guiding them with their long jump; giving them pointers and advice that a parent would expect and hope for in a coach.
I was so impressed with her initially, with the way she coached her own athletes, but then giving her time and knowledge to another teams’ kids was so impressive. At that point in the track meet, she did not care who was winning or losing, but simply showed two other schools athletes and parents what the true meaning of teamwork is all about.  
I, unfortunately, was not able to get her name, but know that she had long hair and was a thin, pretty gal. I hope you are able to thank her for us. I was not able to in person.
I have always been very impressed with your school and your athletes on many occasions, but this time I wanted to be sure you knew! You have a wonderful school system and are a true example for other schools!

Angie Buhr


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