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Dear Editor:

Over the course of the last few weeks, the political ads for the Republican nomination for governor have been airing in full force.  I take offense to the negative ads, filled with half-truths and misleading statements, that are being funded by candidate Pete Ricketts.

Although these ads hide behind some “action committee,” they are most certainly being funded by Mr. Ricketts and the very deep pockets of his family. I’m a firm believer that the candidate with the best ideas and most integrity should rise to the top in any election and not the candidate with the MOST MONEY TO SPEND.  I understand and realize the power of the almighty dollar and what constant, high profile ads can do to sway elections.  That is why I’m taking a stand and writing this letter.

I’ve known Jon Bruning my entire adult life. Although he’s not a perfect human being (last time I checked, none of us are), he is a man of integrity and one who holds Nebraska’s best interest at heart. Of the two candidates, he most certainly relates to what Nebraskans (both from the tiniest of towns and the largest of cities) face during the daily grind of life.

In today’s political climate, the more people of integrity we can put in office, the better our government can be. That is why I’m supporting Jon Bruning for governor.

Matt Boerkircher

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