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This winter we’ve managed to see the temps go up and down and at this point the weather temps seem to be stuck on the downside. The temperature’s up and down action got me thinking the other morning as I prepared to walk the dogs and was debating how long to walk each dog.

I told one of the female volunteers at the animal shelter I had come to the conclusion the weatherman was not necessarily a man, but the weather must be controlled by a woman, or weatherwoman. I based my reasoning on the fact the weather was always changing and that “change” seemed to be a characteristic of my betterhalf.

Over the years I’ve tried to follow the betterhalf changing her mind on various issues, plans and even changing long-used recipes. After the female volunteer patiently listed to my conclusion, she tended to agree. But, her conclusion was not necessarily along my same line of thinking.

“You are possibly right,” she politely said. “You also must realize most of those changes a woman makes come about because she tries to make her husband happy.”

So much for my reasoning the weather is being controlled by a weatherwoman. That weatherwoman, or if you rather believe, a weatherman, certainly hasn’t made too many of us happy thus far this winter.

We now live in the world dominated by smart phones. If you think the use of smart phones will subside, forget those thoughts. A father was standing outside a hospital nursery observing his newborn son moving his arms. The father was trying to determine if the son would be left or right handed. Finally a nurse passed by and joined the father. She eased his concern when she theorized the newborn’s movement of the left or right arm was only an indication of in which hand he would hold his smart phone and not one with which he would throw a ball.
Have you noticed the number of legislative bills that propose tax cuts for us Nebraskans? There seems to be one major hurdle with all those tax cut proposals. You cannot cut taxes thus decreasing tax revenue, and still maintain financing the programs the state already has.

It appears to me most of the tax resolutions call for several options. Those options in reality result in no tax cuts at all for Nebraskans. Tax cut options call for replacing revenue by taxing merchandise and services not already taxed. Other options being touted include: increasing sales tax rate; taking over county inheritance tax revenue; and/or transferring state government programs so those programs are funded by our local governments.

There’s only one way to cut taxes and it’s to cut spending.

Of course, if spending is cut, you will have to decide which programs to cut. We all know what that answer. . . “cut the programs that I don’t use.”

There was a very gracious lady who was mailing an old family Bible to her brother in another part of the country.

“Is there anything breakable in here?” asked the postal clerk

“Only the Ten Commandments,” answered the lady.

RL Furse is publisher emeritus of the News-Register

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