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Ask area employers what they rely on most to get the job done and you’ll almost always get the same answer -- quality employees.

Ultimately, the bottom line relies on customers, of course, but without the dedicated men and women who show up every day to make the product and provide the service, or both, no business or organization could stay afloat.

Whether the field is ag related, which many are in Hamilton County, or linked to education, retail, health care, small business or a larger industrial operation, employers agree that a quality workforce is vital to both short- and long-term success.

Finding and keeping quality employees is a big part of the challenge these days in an era when changing jobs is more the norm than it was 30 years ago. On that note, we’ve noticed that many area employees have been with the same company or organization for 20, 30 or even 40 years or more, which says a great deal about both the individual and their employer. We’ve been told over and over again how valuable those long-time staff members are when it comes to maintaining relationships with the customers, providing stability, as well as trained expertise.

Bringing fresh faces to the fold is also an important part of the employment puzzle, though that’s a challenge as well these days with a statewide unemployment rate of 4.2 percent. More and more companies are “growing their own” talent, hoping to provide opportunity. In today’s world, having a healthy mix of both experienced employees and fresh faces is good business, no matter what the business.

In this week’s special section, the News-Register tips its hat to the local workforce. Our hope was to shine the spotlight on employees from several area businesses, and also share the perspective of employers who count on their hard work and dedication.

It’s interesting each year to look over the pictures and see who is working where, and how long they’ve been there. It’s a good read, and also a very fitting tribute to the folks who “Get ’R Done.”

Kurt Johnson

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