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SDSU win a big sigh of relief PDF E-mail

Who’d have thunk it?

In one of the most emotional and roller coaster weeks ever for Husker football fans, Saturday’s 59-20 win over game but outmanned South Dakota State was just what the doctor ordered.

No, not that doctor. The other one, as in Dr. Tom Osborne. Now retired from his A.D. position, I’m sure he felt a sigh of relief once Nebraska settled down on defense to pull away for the victory.

He is, of course, the one who a year ago had to deal with the now-famous audiotape of Bo following the 2011 comeback win over Ohio State that conveniently leaked following the meltdown against UCLA.

He’s the one who listened to the tape and dealt with it then, without anyone knowing about it. And as soon as that news came out a week ago, the waters calmed and everyone’s thoughts turned back to the playing field.

On Saturday, the question was going to be how would Husker Nation receive Pelini as he entered the field during warmups? What kinds of signs would there be in the stands? Would the fans want to forgive?

All of those questions were answered with resounding support. Was I surprised? Not really. Just curious.
Lee Corso said Saturday morning on ESPN’s Game Day that Pelini won’t be coaching Nebraska after this season. I’m not sure what insight he has that others don’t. I’m guessing in his gut he feels things have gone too far in Lincoln.

Have they?

Time will eventually tell us.

But what I know is this: Pelini’s future now depends solely on wins and losses, on blowout wins or blowout losses, on championships or lack thereof, unless of course another tape should surface.

Now in year six, the lack of upperclassmen on defense is alarming. With more and more freshmen and redshirt freshmen getting thrown into the mix defensively, I constantly had to keep checking my roster just to remember who was who.

Trial by fire? You bet.

So back to Osborne. Just how did he “handle it” a year ago? Was it a “one more and you’re done” conversation, or did he make Bo attend anger management classes?

And how does any of that apply now that Shawn Eichhorst is in charge?

Truth be told, I watched Bo pretty closely against the Jackrabbits, especially when his defense was struggling. To his credit, I saw more positive reinforcement than ever before. It seemed like he was patting lots of helmets, encouraging his players to “execute.”

It was certainly a nice twist, kind of reminding me of T.O.

Wow. Who’d of thunk that?
There’s another very young team on the Nebraska campus and they’re fun to watch.

Cindy and I were lucky enough to get season tickets for Husker volleyball (sorry Laurie Pfeifer) and we’ve certainly enjoyed the early part of the season, watching the Rolfzen twins, the digging ability of Justine Wong-Orantes and the hitting and leadership of Tennessee transfer Kelsey Robinson.

It’s basically an entire new team as senior Morgan Broekhuis, a former honorable-mention All-American, isn’t even in the mix.

Given the fact that the Huskers just lost a five-setter at defending national champion Texas, we all better stock up on sunglasses, because the future of the program looks extremely bright.

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