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Some days good things go bad, no matter how hard you try. That was the case this past week when I tried to continue with my good guy routine that has earned quite a string of daily praises from the betterhalf. However, just when I began to pat myself on the back, I find things can take a quick turnaround.

In our household I am what you call an “early riser” and the betterhalf follows a little later -- not a lot later, but just a little. I don’t drink coffee, but the betterhalf does. In fact, her early morning first effort is heading to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

In my effort to be a good hubby over the past years, I have become the guy who puts the coffee on. Notice I said, “Puts the coffee on” -- not make it? “Putting it on” in my viewpoint is turning on the automatic coffee maker that has the night before been filled with water; or using the other appliance that requires you to pour the water in the reservoir and then the percolating automatically begins. Actually, it seems like a foolproof job, even for me. Each time I perform that duty the betterhalf later offers her thanks for my early morning chore and I think what a nice guy I am. But, as we know, sometime good things must end. My good deed ended abruptly this past week.

In my haste, after pouring the water into the coffee maker reservoir, I forgot to put the pot under the spigot correctly. As the betterhalf shuffled to the kitchen for her early morning brew she stepped into a little moisture on the floor. Now I really don’t know how much moisture was on the floor, but I would guess it must have been a pot full. When I came back into the house a few minutes later, the betterhalf had finished cleaning up the mess on the floor and was trying to wipe down a cabinet and a puddle that accumulated under the stove.

Well, there was no “thank you” that morning or a pat on the back. I guess a guy was just lucky he didn’t get a kick in the “lower back.” Thankfully, the betterhalf also had a short memory, because I’m back at my early morning duty of making coffee and have been given that second chance.
*  *  *

Several times I have caught myself condemning someone who was being occupied by a smartphone while his child gets a hit at his ballgame, or missed a “first-time moment” from his youngster because he thought that smartphone info was more important. You want to be careful about criticism. Times may have changed, but sometimes priorities can still remain the same.

A few weeks ago I caught myself being occupied reading the morning newspaper when a young house guest of ours caught her first fish. A newspaper or smartphone? Both have the capacity to take some precious moments away from us.

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