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Dear Editor:

As a Hamilton County taxpayer and a dedicated employee of Hamilton Manor for 10 years, I feel a need to say a few things.
If you own something, you can’t expect to not put any renovations or upgrades in it and expect in 50 years that it is going to function as it did when you first bought it.

As far as this Hamilton Manor Ad Hoc Committee, I am a little confused because the last time I checked, Hamilton County was made up of more than males and people from Aurora, but yet that was who sat on this committee.

Also, all the negativity towards the Manor lately is heartbreaking when this facility has been serving Hamilton County for years with little to no support from the county until recently, in which was the cause of poor management way before the Klaasmeyers took over.

Hamilton Manor has had many positives recently. We have gone to EMRs, renovated bath houses and suites, a manager on duty on the weekends and a tuition reimbursement program, just to name a few, all because of the Klassmeyers.

We are a skilled facility and have helped facilitate many residents in rehab to be able to once again return to their homes. Many residents call Hamilton Manor “home.” Where would they be without this facility?

How many people can honestly say I love my job and enjoy going to work every day? I can, because I work with some of the most dedicated, caring and hardworking people every day who care about the “family” that lives and works at the Manor.

I feel Hamilton Manor gives outstanding and compassionate care to its residents on a daily basis but, like every other long term facility in this state, we are not perfect.

I support the Hamilton Manor Board and the Klassmeyers in the decisions that have been made in an attempt to make Hamilton Manor a thriving nursing home again in this community. But in a community I think is know for helping, let’s show some compassion and stop all the negativity. Who knows, some day you may find a loved one or yourself that needs a place like Hamilton Manor.

Angela Rust

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