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Super dud becomes a Super Bowl PDF E-mail

The Super Bowl turned out to be a super dud of a game, and then the lights went out.

That’s when things got interesting.

A valiant comeback by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Co. fell just short and the game turned out to be pretty darned good after all.

Some of my observations:

1. Did anyone notice that the guy in the Pizza Hut ad sort of looked like Kapernick? No, really.

2. It was a moving moment when the Sandy Hook Elementary chorus sang with Jennifer Hudson prior to kickoff. Their renition of "America The Beautiful" was extremely well done.

3. Alicia Keys playing the National Anthem took exactly 2 minutes, 44 seconds. I enjoyed it, though, and the piano was a nice touch.

4. The 34-minute power delay gave me a chance to work on some of my Aurora basketball stories, so that was good.

5. Why the heck did CBS not use the super slow-motion replays more? I really enjoy those in HD but man, give me more.

7. What in the name of Sam Koch? For a minute there, even though I knew what he was doing, the former Husker punter and native of Seward generally had me worried!

8. Not a huge deal, but I was shocked when the brothers Harbaugh did not hug at midfield after the final gun. A polite handshake was enough. Maybe they did so back in the tunnel?

9. How about those commercials? Some were plain pedestrian, others very imaginative. I thought the Dodge Ram ad, the feature on farmers with audio from Paul Harvey, was downright excellent. But my favorite 30-second ad was the Doritos "dress up" spot where the daughter coerces her dad to join her in her bedroom playing dress-up with a bag of Doritos rather than playing football with the guys. Soon thereafter, the whole gang is in the room with girlie clothes on, even the mom’s wedding dress. Busted!


Today is it. Today is national signing day for the Huskers and it appears that Bo Pelini has brought in some top-notch athleticism and talent.

Now the question is, what can he do with it?

Losing Braylon Heard puts some pressure on the two stud running backs from Texas and California. It’ll be exciting to see if one or both can provide a capable backup to Ameer Abdulah.

It’s been an extremely busy last couple weeks by this coaching staff to secure late commitments so I take my hat off to them.

Getting Dimarya Mixon, a three-star defensive end from Mesquite, Texas, away from Missouri is a real coup.

I’m probably most excited to see quarterback Johnny Stanton from Rancho Santa Margarita High School (Orange County), Calif. Stanton did extremely well at the ESPN elite quarterback camp this past summer, but he did tear his ACL last fall.

Also from California will be Drake Martinez, Taylor’s younger brother. I think it’s probably a good thing he’s playing safety instead of quarterback. I’m not certain of how well he would have been received.

As of two days ago, had the Husker class listed at No. 14 nationally.

Coming off back-to-back losses to end the 2012 season, that’s not half bad.



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