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Kaepernick a future star in the NFL PDF E-mail

If, and this is a huge if, but if you could pick one player in the NFL to start a new team with, who would that be?

If it’s me, I’ve got my man. Tom Brady you say? Nope. How about Aaron Rodgers? Sorry. Maybe former Husker Ndamukong Suh? Not this time.

If it’s me, I’d pick San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick. A second-year quarterback from Nevada who was second team to start the season, in my opinion, this guy is the next great NFL star.

Smart, quick, a rifle for an arm and as fast as they come, he gives opposing defenses nightmares.

All he did was rally his team from a 17-point first half deficit at the dome in Atlanta on Sunday to beat the Falcons.

The Super Bowl should be a good matchup between the Harbaugh brothers, but an even better matchup on the field.

It’s never too early for predictions, so I’m saying 49ers 31, Ravens 21. And look for Kaepernick to win MVP game honors.

The NFL is moving more and more toward the college game. Kaepernick’s success at that level can do nothing but enhance Taylor Martinez’s draft stock a year from now.


Even though the Huskies got beat, it was fun watching the wrestlers Friday night at the NU Coliseum in Lincoln.

It’s a good setting for the athletes and fans, too, and Nebraska went on to upset Illinois in the Big Ten nightcap.

Coach Bill Wofford and his guys are working through some mid-season issues but hope to bounce back in time for districts in a couple weeks.


What’s your take on the entire Manti Te’o incident?

Strange doesn’t even cut it.

In the world of sports, perception is more often than not reality and, from the surface, it sure looked like the Notre Dame senior was looking for sympathy votes for the Heisman Trophy.

But initial interviews and rumblings say that Te’o was not a part of the hoax and was duped into an online relationship, if that is even possible.

For him to say now that this girl, whoever she may be, was his "online girlfriend" seems to be a contradiction of terms.

Is a real girlfriend someone who you just chat with on the computer or on the phone?

Wouldn’t Te’o want to attend the funeral, even if that meant missing a class or two?

Wouldn’t Te’o want to talk with her family following her death, for closure?

And why someone would ever put together this hoax is the other side of the story. There have been lots of different reports so far, but the truth may never be known.

However this comes out, there’s always going to be a cloud over the former Irish All-American.

And that’s an unfortunate reality.


If you’ve been keeping up with Nebraska football recruiting, you know the Huskers have had good luck as of late. lists NU 14th as of Monday, so according to the "experts," this is shaping up as an excellent class.

The site has the Florida Gators at No. 1, followed by Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State and LSU. Michigan is sixth, UCLA 11th, Illinois 33rd, Penn State 37th and future Big Ten member Rutgers at No. 40.

These rankings don’t mean a thing, especially before signing day. Kansas State is in it usual position, down at No. 50.

Yeah, right.



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