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Dear Editor:

In a few days the world will celebrate Christmas, but the majority of people will miss Christmas because they are unwilling to give up the throne of their life to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He’s coming again soon!

King Herold missed Christmas. He knew a special King was born. He called in the wise men who knew the prophecies and then he became agitated, filled with hate because he didn’t want to lose his throne. He loved being a BULLY. So in his satanic madness he had all the children under 2 years of age killed. But God’s plan wouldn’t be foiled by a man. Herod’s madness grew as he aged. Five days before he died he had all his relatives killed so none of them could take his throne. He had all the distinguished people of Jerusalem imprisoned and ordered them slaughtered the moment he died. He drove himself insane worrying about "losing his throne."

Our world today is filled with Herods and Herodiuses, people who are worried into madness about "losing their thrones." The word LOVE is nowhere to be found in their heart, only ME, ME, ME. They don’t want anyone or anything to interfere with their career, their position, their power, their ambition, their plans or their lifestyle. So they line up people to slaughter with their hatred: their babies, their families, their friends, their employees, their soldiers. No one or nothing will take their throne or their ego. So they think!

But God said human life is like the flower in the field -- it is here today, gone tomorrow. Like King Herod, the grim reaper, the king of terror, awaits all of us and then comes the judgment. And no one knows the day the grim reaper will swing his sickle and cut us down.

So my prayer is that this Christmas everyone will turn their lives over to Jesus. Then we could see some "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men."

R.C. Mundt


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