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Dear Editor:

We live in an age of technology. Technology has been a marvelous creation, in all its forms, to better advance our lives in many ways. Yet, it has also disconnected us in many ways from the very fiber of our knowing and belonging to that which is human.

But... how we remember! We remember what it was to unfold the creased pages of a letter. Written and folded, thoughtfully and with great care, by someone who cared about us. Someone who cared enough to sit silently and write with their own had, words of greeting, tiding, good news or bad. We greatly anticipated the news the page or pages would bring. Many cries of joy and tears of sorrow slipped from our lips when learning the pages’ meaning.

Or the phone calls! How our hearts would quicken at the thought of someone calling us to send a greeting of "Happy Birthday" or "It’s a boy" or "It’s a girl." Oh my, the sound of the human voice! How wonderful, how enjoyable, how complex.

The please of human contact. Looking a person "in the eye" and having them look back at us, talking, gesturing, nodding, smiling or frowning. Seeing the other person display laughter or pain in their eyes, feeling the warmth in their touch, sensing their body language and knowing innately what they might be feeling.

Because we are human and, for the eons before our knowledge, humankind has sensed, learned and felt the nuances of human behavior and communication, we have felt a touch and inherently known its meaning. We understand deep within, because of our humanness created by God. We understand we are weak, but are strengthened by touch, eye contact and the warmth of others.

God brought Jesus to us in human form because he knew the love of Jesus, human and humble, could imprint the love of God on mankind. God created us. He understood us. He knew what we needed. He is the Creator and through Him we were blessed by His Son to come to understand the importance of touching and loving those near us. Jesus felt love and great pain. He also felt sympathy and sorrow. He became human and experienced human emotions. Jesus was sent to earth to bring us "good news" -- to help us understand that we need God. We can only get to God through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Christ, the perfect one without blemish, was hung on a cross to suffer and die for us, imperfect as we are. He was betrayed by those closest to him, mocked, scorned and belittled.He trusted His Father. God, the Beginning and the End, knew that only His Son, in human form, could make mankind understand our weaknesses and our strengths.

Technology can be used to deliver powerful messages to receive the Blessings of Jesus. Use it as a means to stay connected to those around you. God delivers powerful messages to us through technology. Don’t forget the "human component" in that process.

Recently, I received two CDs from my friend and author, Fern Nilson, about the birth and death of Christ. Even though I have been a Christian for many years, it literally brought to life the story for me in a new and exciting way. It is an incredible example of technology sending the message of Christ in a way I had not experienced. Jesus conveyed perfect love in human form. Listening to the story, as Fern told it, makes me want to be more Christ-like and less childlike. I want to be more giving and expect less. I am going to pray more. I want others to be curious about my faith. I am going to welcome questions. It may bring an unbeliever to Christ. I am going to look a fellow sinner in the eye and say "Peace be with you!" ... and mean it. I am going to go out of my way to be kind. I am going to love the unlovable. I am going to give more hugs. I am going to give the gift that Fern created, using technology, to convey the message of Jesus and what His life and death means to us.

I highly recommend the CDs Fern created in her own way to tell the age-old story of Christ. Listen to it. Get copies for your loved ones and friends. Make a copy available at your place of work. Help God spread the message about His Son through technology. What a wonderful and simple way to do so!

Merry Christmas and peace be with you.

Roxann Ellison

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